Who We Are

Olanga Co., Ltd. (Bangkok) is producer of high standard 92.5 silver jewelry blended with a wide range of precious, semi-precious gemstones and pearls. Over the years, Olanga Co., Ltd. has developed a large collection of exquisite top-quality rings, earrings, bracelets and other types of jewelry that are in praise of nature and embody elegance, style and refinement.

Also Olanga Co.,Ltd is a supplier of NATURAL calibrated precius stones to factories producing gold jewelry. We supply preselected lots of calibrated stones such as NATURAL emeralds (mostly cut and calibrated brazilian emeralds), NATURAL sapphires (also "Diffusion" treated sapphires and natural "Kanchanaburi" Thai sapphires), NATURAL rubies (also rubies treated with glass filling). If you are buying these kinds of stones, we can propose you regular supply at competitive prices with professionally preselectied goods meeting your specified quality. We have certified gemologist in our team, therefore we will supply you only NATURAL gemstones. Our company does not deal with man created, synthetic or glass kind of gems. We deal only with stones created by NATURE herself. If any treatment was applied to the natural stones we will automatically disclose it to our customer. Our prices are based on the quality of gems and treatment applied. We believe in honesty, long-term business relationship and are always responsible for our goods to our customers.

Doing Business With Us

At Olanga Co., Ltd. we continuously strive and strengthen our ability to serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction. Our ultimate mission is to establish long-term relationships with our clients, conducting our business in full honesty and transparency.

We believe in keeping our valued customers fully satisfied, earning their respect and trust, and meeting their demand for quality jewels.

For any enquires please write us at
altai2100@yahoo.com or olangajewels@gmail.com or Phone +66819229435
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